The Ultimate Overview to House Landscape Style

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The Ultimate Overview to House Landscape Style

Plants arranged in a symmetrical pattern are the most formal of all landscape design principles, and it is easy to achieve this effect. A grid can be drawn using known points on the building, such as the corner, centerline of a window or door, and the edge of a porch.

In addition to the symmetry of the plants, a good symmetrical design reflects a formal attitude and a sense of dignity. It also creates a feeling of the enclosure as all the elements within the garden are confined to one area. A garden with asymmetrical balance feels more informal and casual and is more suitable for houses with a relaxed character. It is less structured than symmetrical balance but requires careful placement of unequal elements. Water features, such as ponds and reflecting pools, are important components of many garden designs. They can either be man-made or natural and should incorporate rocks, water, and plants in equal parts. Choosing and planting plants is critical to the success of any landscape design. Research the plant family that is best suited to the site and the climate of your area.

Then, select the plants that will provide the most beauty, color, and texture. For example, a shade-loving azalea may be better suited to a front yard than a large rhododendron.

Keep in mind that certain species of trees, such as Maples, Oaks, and Beech, hang on to their leaves well into the fall and winter, even though the plants should have died by this time. This leaf-retention process is called Marcescence, and it will require more frequent cleaning of the gutters than would be needed if all the leaves had fallen off of the trees in time for spring and fall. Trees that bloom and sway with the weather are often an appealing feature for gardeners and homeowners alike. They can make a backyard feel more alive and inviting, or add height to the side of a home.

In addition to the aforementioned considerations, consider your own personal tastes in landscape design. You should try to make the design work for you, not just look nice. Whether you're looking to improve the overall appearance of your property or just increase its value, a quality landscape can be an inexpensive and rewarding investment in your property's resale potential. Use these simple tips to ensure that your landscape creates a strong impression of your house, and helps you make the most of your home's curb appeal. Then, enjoy your new outdoor space!

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